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Starting from 14-Apr-2016 Google removed public access to PageRank so this service and Google Bar not showing PR any more.

Prices and discounts for online PageRank checker

Initial price for PageRank Checker (bulk checker/list checker/api)

Initial price - it's price for customer who verify less than 500,000 urls in our service, for example all new customers using initial price.
Initial price is 1.00 USD per 100,000 urls, it means that checking of one url address cost 0.001 cents.
Price per 100,000 urls called "price rate" or "rate", initially it's 1.00 USD.
Example: new customer (0 urls checked before) want to check 5000 urls, it will cost (5000 urls * 1.00 USD)/100000 = 0.05 USD
Notice: verification rate for all pagerank services are the same (bulk/list/api), and you pay only if result are from -1 to 10 and "incorrect_url".


Our discounts based on urls number that was checked through customers account before.

PageRank checker
Example1: customer that already check 505,000 urls want to check 10,000 urls, it will cost (10,000 urls * 0.70 USD)/1000 = 0.07 USD
Example2: customer that already verify 2,035,000 urls want to verify 10,000 urls, it will cost (10,000 urls * 0.50 USD)/1000 = 0.05 USD

Custom discounts

  • It's possible to get discount and checking rate less than 0.50 USD if customer going to check huge amount of urls.
  • If it's so critical to get discount and you going to check more than 500,000 urls - you can try to contact us.
    For get custom discount need to contact our support.

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