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Starting from 14-Apr-2016 Google removed public access to PageRank so this service and Google Bar not showing PR any more.

Bulk PageRank checker guide

Bulk PageRank checker created for fast check of urls databases. Total checker speed about 16 million urls per day.
If you want to check only domain you can use checkbox "check only domains".
How it working:
1) You uploading file, it will have status "new".
Warning: you can use only text file, one url per line and not more than 2,000,000 urls per file, file must consist of urls only.
2) When our script starting to parse your file into urls, status will be changed "parsing"
3) After parse success - your files waiting until checker script take it, so status will be "waiting"
4) Next status will be "progress", it's when checking going right now.
5) Finally, after all urls from file will be checked, our system starting to generate result files.
6) After results generation complete - file status will be "finished".
Do not worry, it's very easy, you just need to upload file(s) and download for results after finish.
* If you balance will be less than $0.01, verification will be stopped and files will be "suspended"
(you need to increase balance for continue)

Notice: all results that older than 2 month will be removed permanent, pls download your files before.

Example of input file (see also TXT sample or CSV sample):

Example of output file that contain "all" urls in CSV format:

Check for PageRank in two easy steps!

It's the cheapest offer for Bulk PageRank checking

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