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Starting from 14-Apr-2016 Google removed public access to PageRank so this service and Google Bar not showing PR any more.

PageRank checker API guide

PageRank checker API created for remove pr checking. You can use it for your software or site.
How it working:
If you want to find PageRank of url "[url]", you need to request:[secret]/[url]
Output result are numbers from -1 to 10 and some statuses. Description for this numbers:
-1 - google PageRank of url is "not available", it happens when page have no pagerank
(examples: or http://asdfsafsdgfg.123)
0 - 10 - google PageRank is available and equal to this number (example: 4 )
unknown - pagerank result is unknown for some reason
incorrect_secret - your secret key is invalid
disallowed - your API is not activated or you have no money at balance
incorrect_url - your url is empty or not valid

Notice: we do not take money for ulrs marked as "unknown","incorrect_secret","disallowed","incorrect_url".
Valid examples of request urls:

Example of result:
1: 9
2: 7
3: 9
4: 7
5: -1

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